Forget everything you know about rent payment
Houseberry is here to make things easy

Super easy! Right on time!

How does Houseberry work?


Invite tenants to your property to pay rent online

After creating your account and your property profile, simply invite your tenant to connect and start collecting rent payments immediately.

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Notifications automatically sent to tenants to pay rent in one click

Before the mandatory date we send a notification to the tenants to remind them to pay. Houseberry is the only solution that allows tenants to pay in one click. In case of late payment we send automatic reminders.

email_pic Created using Figma Hello Lucy, Time has come to pay rent for your property in Paris. As agreed with your landlord, the amount to be transferred is 1200€. PAY RENT NOW I’m not going to pay now. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us. With The Houseberry Team

Keep deposit in a safe and neutral account

Before entering the property your tenant can transfer the property deposit to a neutral account. This solution helps to avoid any misunderstanding and allows you to keep control of this amount.


Track and monitor all payments and always be aware of what's happening

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Why your tenants will love it?

Neutral and secure

Houseberry keeps deposit in a safe and secure third-party account

Payments control

Houseberry simplifies rent payments for tenant with simple action

Mutually beneficial

Houseberry establishes a clear system between tenants and landlord

You are a tenant or a landlord?
Start paying or collecting your rents

Secure transactions

We have built Houseberry from the ground up thinking about security. Mangopay and Gocardless allow Houseberry to process rent payments and deposit management in a secure and compliant environment.

Secure transactions