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Houseberry is your best partner during all your property rental

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Enjoy our features at all steps of property management

New tenant moving in?

Houseberry takes care of tenancy agreement and property deposit

Tenancy agreement and legal paperwork

We write your tenancy contract and take care of legal paperwork

Houseberry produces tenancy agreement and takes care of the legal paperwork. All documents are signed and collected online. No more paper, save time and efficiency.

Safe property deposit account

We provide to you a secure account to keep your property deposit

Houseberry offers a unique solution to keep and manage property deposit in a safe and secure account. It is time to avoid problems at the end of the tenancy.

Collecting rent payment?

Houseberry looks after your rent payment and makes sure that you are paid on time

Online payment in one click

We allow tenants to pay their rent with a simple click

Every month, Houseberry sends automatic notifications to tenants in order to pay their rent in one click. No more lost bank transfers, checks or cash.

Notifications and reminders

We send automatic messages to tenants

During tenancy cycle, Houseberry sends reminders and notifications to your tenants to ensure that you get paid the sooner. No more manual reminders, sms and letters.

Rent collection service

We always look after you rent payments

Houseberry makes sure that your tenant are paying their rents. If there is a problem, our legal department takes care of money collection. No need to worry.

Rent guaranteed

We ensure you to be paid on the 15th of each month

Houseberry offers to landlords the guarantee to be paid on the 15th. Because being paid on time is the most important, we pay rent to you even if your tenant did not pay.

Reporting and paperwork?

Houseberry monitors rent payments and takes care of administrative tasks

Payment dashboard and rent receipt

We gather all payments and produce rent receipts

Houseberry gathers payments both for landlord and tenants in a synthetic and clear dashboard. You can monitor and track all your payments at anytime.

Rent receipts

We produce rent receipts for you and your tenants

Houseberry creates rents receipts automatically for you and send them to tenants. No more paper and administrative tasks, all receipts are always available online.

Accounting and tax declaration

We make administrative tasks and paperworks easy

Houseberry takes care of the accounting of your property and gives you all the necessary informations for you to be reaby when it is time to make tax declaration.

A legal question?

Houseberry is your everyday advisor and provides legal support and assistance

Legal assistance

We answer legal questions related to your property

Houseberry is available everyday from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm to answer your questions and help you if you need legal assistance. We also produce legal documents for you.

Why your tenants will love it?

Neutral and secure

Houseberry keeps deposit in a safe and secure third-party account

Payments control

Houseberry simplifies rent payments for tenant with simple action

Mutually beneficial

Houseberry establishes a clear system between tenants and landlord

You are a tenant or a landlord?
Start paying or collecting your rents

Secure transactions

We have built Houseberry from the ground up thinking about security. Mangopay and Gocardless allow Houseberry to process rent payments and deposit management in a secure and compliant environment.

Secure transactions